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How to Hire DUI Attorney
How to Hire an Arizona DUI Lawyer

Hiring an Arizona DUI Attorney & Criminal Defense Lawyer may be the most important decision you ever make, but for most people the decision is made during the pressure and confusion of a recent arrest or the fear of an impending investigation. Many potential clients have never even spoken with a lawyer before setting out to hire one and have no experience in how to go about finding the best lawyer to help them with their case. Here are some basic tips for choosing the best lawyer for you.

Always meet the lawyer face-to-face before making a decision about whether to hire. This is the person in whom you are entrusting your future & your freedom. It’s okay to ask detailed questions about any concern you may have. Even before you’ve hired a lawyer communications made during the process of determining whether to do so are to be held in the strictest of confidence and should not be used against you in any manner. Make sure you are comfortable communicating with the lawyer, and more importantly, whether the lawyer is knowledgeable and comfortable communicating with you and answering your Tempe, Arizona DUI or Criminal  related questions. In most instances there is no fee charged for the initial consultation.

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Some firms use a version of “bait and switch” by having an experienced lawyer participate in the first meeting, but then assigning the case to a less experienced or less proficient attorney. Ask who it is that will actually be representing you and whether that lawyer will be the lawyer who actually shows up in court, writes your motions and negotiates on your behalf with the prosecutor or police.

If you do hire an attorney, always get a written fee contract that spells out what the lawyer will do and how much will be charged for the representation. The fee contract should also detail the type of fee charged, (flat fee or hourly rate), the scope of representation (what work the lawyer will perform), whether there will be additional costs for investigators, expert witnesses or other expenses.

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It is suggested that you do not discuss fees or scope of representation with a non-lawyer employee. Some firms have a non-lawyer set the fee and present the fee contract to the client before any meeting with a lawyer occurs. This means that the fee quoted is likely not tailored to the specific problems presented by your case or worse, that a non-lawyer who has no experience actually defending a case is analyzing the cost of your case.

The lawyer should quote a fee only after learning something about your case. Hiring a lawyer is not like buying a product at a store. There are many variables that go into determining an appropriate fee. A good lawyer will want to know as much about the case as is feasible before quoting a reasonably accurate fee. It’s okay to ask the lawyer about the types of defenses that might be raised for you, how much experience the lawyer has defending the type of problems presented by your case, and the results obtained in similar cases.

Ask if the lawyer has experience in the court that your case will be tried in. Is the  attorney familiar with the Judge and the Prosecution. Does the lawyer handle other types of area of law of is their practice devoted to DUI & Criminal matters. The laws change frequently and it is imperative that your attorney keep-up with the changes that may have an impact on the outcome of your very important legal issue.  

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