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DUI With Injury
Tempe Arizona DUI with Injury Defense Lawyer

You may be charged with a felony DUI with injury offense if you are found driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (DUI) at the scene of an accident that involves injury to another person. This charge is also known as aggravated DUI, the most severe DUI charge under Arizona Law. Field sobriety tests and a BAC (blood alcohol content) test which consists of breath or blood test can be expected at the scene. The level of your BAC could be a major factor of penalties if convicted. A 0.08% to 0.014% BAC is within the normal DUI range, 0.015% to 0.199% BAC is an extreme DUI and anything reading over 0.20% BAC is considered a “super extreme” DUI in Arizona, all coupled with the severity of the accident and injuries.

A knowledgeable Tempe Arizona DUI attorney can help you to receive minimal penalties associated with your DUI case. The Law Office of James Novak understands the severity of a DUI with injury charge and is experienced at evaluating case circumstances and defending your legal rights. Harsh sentencing is often associated with Tempe DUI with injury cases and an experienced DUI with Injury defense lawyer James Novak knows that certain procedures must be followed at the scene of a DUI arrest which if not followed could lead to a case dismissal or lesser charges based on the specific circumstances surrounding your Tempe DUI case. See our Case Results.

The following penalties may be faced for a Phoenix DUI with Injury conviction under Arizona Law:

    * Up to 18 years in prison
    * $5,500 or higher in fines
    * High assessment fees
    * Revocation of driver’s license for over 3 years
    * Mandatory drug/alcohol screening and counseling
    * Mandatory traffic school
    * Up to 5 years probation
    * Mandatory community service
    * Driving record points
    * Ignition Interlock Device installation in all vehicles driven by you
    * Permanent mark on criminal record

Your Freedom and Your Future Are Very Important to Us

Multiple offenses may result in more penalties in addition to those listed above. Our DUI penalty chart outlines penalty information for other types of Phoenix DUI offenses. Attorney, James Novak is committed to defending your Tempe DUI Case and will review all the facts associated with your Tempe DUI with Injury.

If you have been arrested for DUI with injury? Contact a Tempe DUI with Injury Attorney at Law Office of James Novak today! 480.413.1499.
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