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DUI: Leaving the Scene
Arizona DUI: Leaving the Scene

As a Tempe DUI Defense Attorney, James Novak has seen many cases involving DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.  A common scenario involves a person driving under the influence if alcohol and begins to drift or weave while driving and over-correcting their driving, they swerve back into traffic, striking the vehicle in the next lane.  The driver begins to panic and remembers the few drinks they drank earlier, so fearing the arrival of the police and a DUI charge, the driver takes off. 

A witness to the accident takes down the license plate number and calls the police. The police locate the driver, who is then handcuffed, and charged with not only DUI, but also with leaving the scene of an accident.

Arizona law provides that if involved in an accident, a driver must immediately stop the vehicle at the scene or as close to the scene as possible.  The driver is supposed to remain at the scene of the accident until law enforcement arrives in order to answer questions and provide information to the reporting officer.

James Novak is a fomer Maricopa County DUI prosecutor and is aware of the accidents and situations that can occur when you are worried about facing a DUI charge. The Law Office of James Novak can help you by providing for an immediate aggressive defense that will help protect your future and your freedom.

Leaving the scene of an accident is a very serious offense, but when charged in connection with a DUI, it becomes even more severe.  If you have been charged with leaving the scene in Tempe, Greater Phoenix or Maricopa County, you need an experienced attorney who can handle your case in a way that will bring positive results.  As a Tempe DUI Defense Attorney, James Novak has worked with many clients facing DUI and leaving the scene charges.  If you want your case to be handled by a serious and aggressive defense lawyer, you should contact The Tempe Law Office of James Novak today. Call now at 480.413.1499.

Charged with DUI and or Leaving the Scene in Maricopa County?  Contact Tempe DUI Defense Attorney James Novak today to discuss your charges and your FREE Consultation at 480.413.1499.
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